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High-quality cuisine for your company. 

It has never been so easy to order food in your office, access to our platform, have an account manager, order what you want for an event or meeting and much more…

Bentto food platform

Top 3 Barcelona

Chosen by Glovo as one of the 3 best restaurants in Barcelona for lunch.

La nueva cocina tradicional
La nueva cocina tradicional

We offer quality cuisine, and traditional dishes... but updated with contemporary techniques.

Tasty and healthy dishes of all times... renewed

Nuestros servicios

Daily menu

Our beloved service, the cantina service, where we deliver daily menus for your office.

Catering for companies

For your corporate events, discover our buffet, finger food or something more traditional.

Breakfasts and coffee breaks

Discover our corporate breakfast service, coffee breaks and fresh fruit in your office.

Who is the person behind Bentto’s stoves?

Chef Ismael Alonso

He designs all of Bentto’s gastronomic proposals and, together with his team, executes them to perfection for you to enjoy every day.

Food delivery for your company

Right now, in Barcelona.

The product, fresh.

The raw materials are fresh and obtained without intermediaries.

Ismael and Mikel first met while working together at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and after a long career on their own, they decided to set up their own restaurant in Barcelona… find out more about our story.

Companies that have already tried Bentto

McKinsey & co

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