How it works

How to get started with Bentto

These are the steps to start providing a daily menu service to your company’s employees


Bentto - customer service

Lets get started

Contact us to agree on a plan and conditions for your company.


Bentto food platform

Access to employees

We communicate with your team to show them how to order our daily menu. It is super easy. If your service is Events or Fruit, this step is not needed 😉


Comiendo en la oficina

Enjoy your meal

Lets start using our Bentto service

Catering Service

For any catering request or any other ad hoc service, this would be the process


Isma y Mikel

Let's talk

We will arrange a video call (or face-to-face meeting, preferably) to understand your specific needs.


Platos Bentto

Work proposal

We will work out a proposal that fits exactly what you are looking for. It can be a coffee break, a breakfast, a special meal…


Packs empresa


Enjoy our service ; )


Most frequent questions


Bentto Commitment

  • Our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.
  • You can throw it in a cardboard container.
  • Cutlery is not included by default in the shipment to avoid waste. They are charged separately but we do not make any profit from them, they are at cost price from our supplier.

We work with logistics companies whose fleet is mostly electric and aim to be 100% electric soon.

Our raw materials are of the highest quality, chosen by the chefs directly from the market without intermediaries and with local suppliers to better support the local economy and generate a lower impact on the carbon footprint.

Our kitchen has different types of containers to recycle as much material as possible.

Bentto collaborates with Banc dels Aliments

The product is always of the highest quality. In addition to being a local product. We would be happy to show you our kitchen, if you are interested, please write us at [email protected].

Our team has been in the kitchen for more than 20 years and has worked for some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels in the gastronomic world. The team is headed by Ismael Alonso (

It is our kitchen staff who buy the product directly, we do not use intermediaries to ensure maximum product quality.


Quality and proximity product

How to get started with Bentto

When and where we serve

  • Once your company has reached an agreement with Bentto, you will have a link to our ordering platform.
  • Click on “Login” in the upper right corner and then go to “Register”.
  • This way it will be easier for you to order in the future since you will be able to save your personal data, payment card and delivery address.
  • The cost depends on the distance from our restaurant at Industria Street.
  • Your company may have made an agreement with us to cover the cost of shipping ; )
  • If your company has contracted the loyalty program with us, you will see that with each order you accumulate points to place free orders.
  • If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected].
  • You can place an order without registering or logging in. We will ask you for your contact information in case there is any issue with the delivery.
  • However, if you are a frequent customer, we recommend that you create an account for a more streamlined user experience for future purchases.

You can contact us in the following ways (in order of preference):

  • The chat that appears in the URL of your company’s ordering platform.
  • Call us at 936 677 935
  • If it is not so urgent, you can write to us at [email protected].

You can pay with:

  • Any debit/credit card
  • Also cards such as Ticket Restaurant, Sodexo and Cobee

For companies, we charge on a monthly basis for canteen service. For catering and other events, please contact us ([email protected])


Payment methods

Zones and Timetable

When and where we serve

At the moment only in Barcelona. Within the city in the following postcodes only: 08001, 08002, 08003, 08004, 08005, 08006, 08007, 08008, 08009, 08010, 08011, 08012, 08013, 08014, 08015, 08017, 08018, 08019, 08020, 08021, 08022, 08023, 08024, 08025, 08026, 08027, 08028, 08029, 08031, 08032, 08034, 08036, 08037, 08038, 08039, 08040, 08041

If you would like us to deliver to your area, please write to us at [email protected]
The shipping price depends on the postcode in the shipment.
Please note that through our website we only offer a half day service on weekdays.
  • Lunch time: Monday to Friday
    • You can order until 11:30
    • Ships between 12:30 and 13:00
  • The cost depends on the distance from our restaurant at Industria Street.