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Food delivery service for companies in Barcelona.
Make your employees want to go to the office again.

Que es Bentto for business
What does Bentto for companies mean?

We serve meals for your employees

Bentto for companies is a food delivery service for companies. We work for companies, both on an on-going basis and as a catering or outsourced canteen, as well as for specific days: meetings, events…

Delivery for companies in Barcelona

At the office or at home

Bentto delivers on every working day during the week. We deliver both in large orders in offices, as well as personally in each home if your team works remotely.

Customer service

Your own account manager

You will have a dedicated person to manage the needs you have in your company: daily menu adjustments, preparation of catering…

Companies that have already tried Bentto

McKinsey & co
Bentto - employee preferences

Information about your team

We provide you with all the information you need about our service: best-selling dishes, consumption per employee, number of orders per day…

Bentto sostenible

B-Cycle: our sustainability plan

Discover our different ways of making all the packaging we use have zero impact on the environment.


and much more...

Método de pago Bentto para empresas
Bentto food platform


Do you want an ordering platform... with your own branding?

We can create a customised platform with your own corporate branding if you want to have a greater impact on your employees when they order their meals

Bentto - custom platform

Give it a try! We are happy to show you what our food is like

Contact us so we can send a free sample of our food to your company, no strings attached.